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House Wires / Building Wires

House Wires & Building Wires / Flame Retardant Low Smoke Cables

Ultracab is a reputed name of wires and cables from years. With a vast experience of more than 13 years now we have also build a strong reputation and a reliable name in manufacturing, supplying and exporting house wires and building wires. Being in this industry from long time we understand what does buildings and house wires tend to be. Till now cables and wires were chose seeing their performance and reliability but now the major consideration is also for flame retardant or low smoke cables.

Fire hazards have forced cable manufacturers and users to opt for house wires and building wires to have flame protection and create low smokes too. We manufacture house wires and building wires that are totally safe to use in diverse applications including power stations and other areas where cables form horizontal and vertical trays. Ultracab is the most reliable source for such cables and wires and our quality commits to have elements and properties required to be flame retardant. They fit under following criteria:

  • Strictly Flame Retardant
  • Low Smoke Emission
  • Low Toxic Emission

Absolutely safe for human health and passed under strictest quality and testing. These cables and wires are manufactured taking minute concerns and involve high usage of various and best quality of polymers, composites and elastomers.

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