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Arctic Grade PVC Cables

Arctic grade PVC flexible cords, 300 / 500V Arctic grade (-40oC) PVC Cable. Used in the connection of electrical appliances for outdoor industrial installations that need to remain operational in extreme climatic conditions.

Ultracab has state of the art manufacturing standards that are best for producing world-class quality of arctic grade cables. Our leading supply of arctic grade cables is available in various colours and is most suitable for various applications. We employ special team who is immensely trained for various cables and wires. We design Arctic grade PVC cables especially so they can tolerate any sort of severe weather or temperature conditions. These cables involve usage of best PVC materials and are completely flexible at various temperatures from low range to high range.

We have vast and extensive experience of more than 13 years and we thus supply best quality of limp, flexible and elastomeric artic grade cables. The detailed description for these cables is given below:

Cables Types :

  • 3182AG : 2-core round profile - colours Brown and Blue
  • 3183AG - 3 core round profile - colours brown, blue and Green / Yellow
  • 3187AG - 7 core round profile - colours brown, blue, red, black, yellow, green and white
  • 3192AG - 2 core flat twin profile - colours Brown and Blue

Our trained staff is aware of various applications where rubber cables are used thus depending upon its final usage we use various composition for coming out with supreme quality.

Conductors :Flexible class 5 plain annealed stranded copper to BS 6360

Insulation :Arctic grade PVC Type TI 4 to BS 7655

Sheath :HOFR (Heat and Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant) Sheath to BS7655

Sheth Colour : vailable in Yellow (for 110V applications) and Blue (for 220V applications)

Voltage : 300 / 500V

Temperature Range : -20°C to +85°C

Cross Sectional Area mm² No. and Nominal Diameter of Strands no./ mm
Dia. of Wires
Current Rating Amps Nominal Thickness of Insulation mm Nominal Thickness of Sheath mm Nominal Overall Diameter mm Nominal Weight kg/Km
1.5 30/0.25 15 0.7 1.1 8.9 120
2.5 50/0.25 20 0.8 1.2 10.8 180
4.0 51/0.30 25 0.8 1.2 11.3 225
6.0 76/0.30 34 0.8 1.4 13.2 315

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